Tuesday, January 5, 2016

By the Numbers

As a new year begins and an old one ends I always find myself reflecting on the past year. If I look at 2015 in numbers here are a few of the statistics:

Pounds of grain fed = 114,084 pounds/51,747 kilograms (how is that possible??)

Inches of rain at the farm in 2015 = 56.1 inches/1,494 millimeters; converting that to gallons of rain on the farm that is 227,434,572 gallons of rain or 859,702,682 liters of rain

Number of stray dogs we adopted = 1

Number of times above stray dog was skunked = 5

Number of days above stray dog terrorized the farm because he was wearing a cone = 7

Pounds of hay fed = 375,000 pounds/170,415 kilograms (pounds of grass grazed would be even higher!!)

Number of water leaks repaired = 1 (I think Jason would say it felt like 10)

Number of times we saw a vet = I don't actually know, nor do I want to know

Number of days we spent with a farrier = 30

Number of days we spent with the equine dentist = 12

Number of days Timbit annoyed us = 365

Number of cans of cat food our stray cat Oscar consumed = 436 (this is a conservative count)

Number of times we managed to capture Oscar in a live trap to take him to the vet = 1

Number of pet cows we moved from my parents' farm to our farm = 3

Number of body clips I did in 2015 = 14

Number of blogs posted = 154

Number of pictures posted on the blog = 1,463

These are just a few of the numbers from 2015. They do make me look at things from a different perspective. The 227 million gallons of rainwater is staggering to me, especially since we could have used a little more rain at times this year. 

Share with us some of your interesting numbers from 2015!


Blu, Sam, Murphy and Taco

Flyer and Romeo having an early morning play session


Duesy and Merlin playing (Fabrizzio in the back watching)

pink morning sky

Walden, Fabrizzio and Cino

Bruno and Lucky

Calimba and MyLight

Gus, Rubrico and Clayton

a closer look at Gus

Oskar and Roho hanging out

Walon and Rocky


Lori Skoog said...

I'm very impressed that you have all those stats. How many horses did that take care of? Incredible....now I have to figure out some numbers.

Jenny said...

Timbit annoying you, cracks me up! That little fuzz face. Sorry, LOL.

foffmom said...

Skunked 5 times in one year????!!! Our long deceased golden retriever who was famous for being astoundingly loving and blazingly stupid got skunked three times in one year. But five???!!! That is impressive.
How many tons of gravel? How many broken fence boards? Maybe that is like the vet visit count. Not a good thing to figure out. Hope the cat is OK.

Jason said...

Roughly 500 tons of gravel and exactly one broken fence board!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Dwelling one stat in particular here - rain accumulation for 2015 - 66 inches.

That stat contributes to another sad number - how much a truckload (tandem) of sand costs. One tandem of sand = $350.

All the extra rain settled has into a low corner of Val's paddock, requiring immediate attention or it will be abscess-city all winter long.

Probability that a horse will stand in the 5% of his paddock that is under water (all day long?) 100%.

Most depressing number of all is how many tandems of sand are needed at the farmette... 15 would be a good start.

Who would think you need to buy sand when you live on an island made of it?