Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stills

Fabrizzio and Walden

Merlin and Bruno

Blu and Sam

Taco and Blu

Sam was being extra wild; Murphy watched and played

 Bruno, Lucky and Lightning

Murphy and Happy

Johnny and Lighty were being wild

Trigger and Baby

Chance, Grand and Convey

Mick and B-Rad


Thomas, Homer, Moe and Levendi

Maisie and Lily

Gus and Roho were being playful ahead of the snow

Timbit and Ewen played together in the snow

Johnny and Walon were playing in the run-in shed; sorry the picture quality is so terrible

Convey and Chance


Mick and Nemo

Friday afternoon

Saturday afternoon

Sunday afternoon

1 comment:

An American in Tokyo said...

Would love to see a "being wild" video one of these days!
That's not something that I can see at my riding club!

Love the three last photos, beautiful!!!