Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Then and Now

I've been going through some of my saved pictures as we get ready to give our website an overhaul. It is fun to see then and now pictures of our residents so I decided to share a few of them.

Apollo being a dressage horse

Apollo (right) grazing with his buddy Hemi; to give a perspective on their heights Apollo is 18.1 hands and Hemi is about 17.2 hands. They are both big boys.

Apollo (left) grooming with Thomas

Asterik and his mom

Asterik (right) playing a clasic game of halter tag/removal with Cocomo

Murphy and his mom showing how amazing they were on cross country

Happy and Murphy

Murphy and Taco

Romeo and his mom

Note Romeo has one ear forward and one ear back in the jumping picture above; he still has the same expression in retirement

Romeo (front right) going for a run with friends 

Gus and his mom

Gus (front left) with Cocomo and Asterik

Gus (left) grooming with Silver

Rocky and his mom

Rocky and Roho making goofy faces

Rocky grooming with his buddy Toledo 


Clayton and Donovan 

Clayton (second from left) having a lazy day with his friends


George (left) and Asterik 

George (left), Asterik and Silver 

Sam as a 4 year old at the Verband Auction in Germany

Sam galloping through his pasture

Sam hanging out with his buddy Lighty


Lori Skoog said...

What a great idea. You have some pretty amazing horses at Paradigm Farms.

fullnovembermoon said...

I always smile at how happy and content every horse on your farm looks.

Jenny said...

Great pics. Those were some big jumps. They all looks like retirement agrees with them.