Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Statement T-Shirt

Although I am minimizing my time on social media until after the election is over it still has its good points on occasion. A link to purchase the shirt below appeared in my feed last week. I guess I have shared too many pictures of Sparky the donkey, and of course this proves that we are spied on via social media. Regardless of the spying, I really liked the shirt so I ordered one. 

My new life statement t-shirt arrived a couple of days ago and I have already worn it. I think it's great. For reasons that are unclear to me Jason does not seem to like it nearly as much as I like it. 


my new t-shirt

Johnny and Lighty

Happy and Taco were playing . . . 

. . . and then I got the usual "oh hey, we're jsut standing here" look

Rip and Grand

Convey and Baby

Charlotte, Traveller and Norman


Havana and Bruno

Merlin, Cino and Lightning

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