Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Stills

Gibson nibbling on Lofty's leg . . . 

. . . Lofty saying "do you mind, I'm waiting for my breakfast" . . .

Lofty finally said "I'll just walk away" but Gibson said "I'm not letting go"


Walon and Gus napping, Roho and Donovan standing

Roho decided he needed to rest as well so he joined Gus

Sebastian and Lighty

lined up smallest to largest waiting to eat; Toledo, Rubrico and Roho

B-Rad and Blu

Mina, aka Mina the Czarina

Miss Lyle doing her strut

Jo getting into mischief


Duesy and Cino

Johnny and Murphy

Lotus and Romeo

Miel, Sam and Lighty

Lightning, Havana, Baner, Hesse and Remmy

Sabrina and Sparky

Elfin and Rip

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