Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Off the Leash

Igor has made a lot of progress over the past week. As I mentioned last week, we began taking him for "walks" using a harness and leash. The first few days he was terrified and spent most of the time trying to bolt back into the office. He finally started to relax a little bit, so a few days ago we graduated from the leash.

We now leave the office door open when we're working at the front barn and Igor explores on his own. He spends much of the time sitting right at the office door and observing the world. Over the last couple of days Igor has begun exploring the barn and even making brief trips outside the barn. He loves to pounce on little bugs in the shavings. When we're not at the barn we shut him in the office.

Igor had his first encounter with Ewen and quickly established that he was going to be the boss of Ewen. As Ewen cautiously approached, Igor stood his ground, pinned his ears, and growled. Ewen slowly stretched and put his nose close to Igor. Igor immediately slapped Ewen on the nose and Ewen retreated. Igor seems to be a very smart cat so far and he is starting to enjoy his explorations of the outside world although the office is definitely his safe space. Igor is making progress!

the first meeting between Igor and Ewen; look at Igor's stance and his pinned ears. Right after I took this picture he swatted Ewen on the nose and the terms of their relationship were established

Igor being brave and exploring a stall

Igor briefly exploring outside the barn; he's still very skittish about this


the chestnut club wandering through the pasture; Ripley, Walon and Wlson

Lily and Ewen

MyLight and Charlotte

Maisie and MyLight

Charlotte and Renatta

Traveller and Lily

Roho and Gus

Cisco and Thomas napping, Moe and Homer grazing

Elfin and Trigger

Happy and Miel

Mick, Digby and Paramount . . .

. . . a closer look at Digby . . . 

. . . a closer look at Mick

Hemi and Thomas

Convey, Chance and Cisco

Cuffie, Dolly and Calimba

Silver and Flyer

Lotus and Romeo

Cino and Lightning

Remmy, Hesse and Walden

Havana and Fabrizzio grooming

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Nancy J said...

Igor is such a great lad, and maybe a part Russian Blue? stocky build and that beautiful coat. So glad he is coming out, just a bit at a time. Well done to look after him, our hearts ( and homes and the food supply) are always expanding to take in one more.