Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vaccinations Done

We are officially done with spring vaccinations as of this morning. We have gotten vaccination days down to a well oiled machine over the years and they go quickly and smoothly. We do have the occasional "runner," but thankfully it is usually short lived and the runner gives up after a few gallop strides. We have been having a weekly visit from the dentist the last few weeks and we are making good progress on that front as well. Our final frontier in the spring is always body clipping, and tomorrow we will begin the spring body clipping marathon.  I can feel myself itching from all the horse hair just thinking about it.

Our main concern at the moment is perfecting our rain dance. April has been quite dry at the farm thus far. Areas north of us have gotten quite a bit of rain while we have been passed over. Since Jason and I are pretty scarred from last year's drought even the thought of being dry is almost more than we can handle right now. There are a lot of rain chances in our forecast over the next few days so here's hoping we get wet.


Bruno, Duesy and Walden

Havana, Hesse, Remmy and Baner


Thomas, Apollo and Hemi

Homer and Moe


Cuffie and Norman

Taco and Sam

the morning fog was pretty on the hills

George took full advantage of our brief rain shower yesterday. It was barely enough moisture to get the dust wet but that was all George needed.

Cinnamon and Dawn

Maisie and Calimba

Miss Lyle relaxing in the sun


Wilson and Ripley

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Lori Skoog said...

You take the best pictures! Well, we have had a ton of rain and it has been pouring here since noon. Last summer we had a severe drought and many around us had their wells go dry. At the moment, they are in good shape. Let's see what happens next.