Wednesday, May 31, 2017


We've been really busy around the farm lately doing things that are not particularly glamorous or exciting, but nonetheless time consuming.  Today we started tackling my least favorite job in the world, sorting and relabeling all of the dirty horse blankets so they can be sent out for cleaning. The best part of this job today was that I barely participated for a change. One of our farriers was here, and I opted to hold horses for the farrier while somebody else dealt with dirty blankets. In the glamorous world of boarding horses that is an exceptional day when you don't participate in handling the dirty blankets.

Jason spent his entire day on the tractor today. The warm season grasses are finally coming to life in our pastures and he did a second round of fertilizer application today. The drought damage our pastures suffered last year was significant and cannot be understated. Our area made it to the "exceptional drought" category which is not a milestone you hope to meet. Our pastures suffered tremendously. Hay prices are also up considerably this spring because hay yields are down due to drought damage. Mother Nature is really inconsiderate at times.


Dawn and Cinnamon grooming before breakfast

Charlotte and Renatta

Cino and Havana


Sushi and Squirrel

Magic and Walon

Convey and Chance

Walden, Fabrizzio, Taylor and Alfie 

Fabrizzio and Merlin grooming

George and Faune

MyLight and Dolly

Traveller and Renatta

Rip and Revy

Miel and Sam grooming

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EvenSong said...

My pastures are just starting to come back after our drought two years ago, so I feel your pain.
Good job avoiding blanket duty!