Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Home Stretch

The home stretch is finally in sight for the spring 2017 body clipping marathon. As of today 20 horses have been clipped. We've got one horse to go, one horse on the maybe list, and of course Sparky the donkey will be getting his second annual body clip. I am beyond ready to end the cycle of being covered in horse hair, putting my clothes directly into the washing machine, and attempting (sometimes in vain) to remove ALL the hair from me in a shower. We've been clipping for exactly two weeks now so we've made excellent progress.

Bruno in progress

Gus in progress

Cino in progress

George in progress

George struck quite a pose for his after picture

Cino stared quietly at the pasture for his after picture

Bruno expressed his boredom in his after picture

Gus refused to pick his head up for his after picture

George repaid us for all the work we put into clipping and bathing him by joining his BFF Asterik for a roll in the wet dirt

Hesse before his clip

Baner getting a pre-clip bath

Hesse could not be still, nor stop screaming, nor put his head down for an after picture

Baner after his clip

Donneur and Lofty


Johnny posing for the camera

Ripley and Donovan

MyLight, Calimba and Dolly


Maisie and Lily

Norman and Charlotte

Gus and Roho

Thomas and Hemi

Lighty and Johnny grooming, Sebastian's head on the left getting ready to photobomb . . . 

. . . and the full photobomb by Sebastian

Sabrina and Timbit hanging out on a foggy morning

Chance and Convey

Trigger, King and Baby

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EvenSong said...

Oh, George!!

To see the first part of your post, one might think that only grays need clipping... just sayin'.