Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Stills

Gus and Asterik grooming

Thomas enjoying a good roll and belly scratch; Cisco behind him

Sparky, Sabrina and Timbit

Homer and Trigger

King munching on leaves . . . 

. . . Apollo was also eating trees; when you are 18+ hands tall you get all the good stuff that no one else can reach

King and Trigger being silly after breakfast

Chance having a post-meal nap . . . 

. . .note the closed eyes and droopy lower lip

grazing under a pretty morning sky; L-R Silver, Faune, Donneur, Lofty

Cocomo and Flyer entertaining themselves while waiting to be fed

Gus and Roho

Gibson and Donneur

Cuffie and Traveller making typical pony faces at each other

Dolly and Dawn grooming

MyLight and Calimba grooming

Hemi, Levendi and Apollo

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