Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Stills

Digby and Paramount

B-Rad and Blu

Homer, Moe and Cisco all asking with varying degrees of politeness, "when are you going to feed me?"

Meo and Levendi

Elfin and Revy

a typical post-meal scene of horses hanging out; Bruno and Merlin dozing in the sun while Taylor found a comfortable resting place on Alfie's back . . . 

. . . a closer look at Taylor and Alfie . . .

. . . and to the right  of the hang out crowd Havana was being groomed by both Fabrizzio and Walden

Merlin wondering why Ewen was on top of the compost pile

Johnny and Happy

Cinnamon and Lily

Sabrina and Sparky grazing in the morning fog

Faune and Flyer

Convey, Chance and Trigger

Gus and George grazing under a pretty sunrise

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