Thursday, April 12, 2018

Work Work Work

We've moved into the time of year when things tend to get really out of balance in our lives. Early spring is still a nice time of year, but by the time we start moving through April things get ugly. Between de-worming, vaccinating, body clipping, dental visits, roughly a million hours put in with a shedding blade, plus all of the other routine chores the farm feels like a one step forward, two steps back endeavor.

This is the case for all equine professionals. My vet called me last night at 7:30 to have a follow up discussion on a horse we've been treating. It was the first chance he'd had to call me all day.  I know our farriers are also feeling like hamsters on a wheel as they try to keep up with their workload.

I sometimes wonder if the horses notice the frantic work approach all of the humans in their lives seem to be taking as they literally lounge around in the sun. They're probably too busy relaxing to notice.

Gibson, George and Renzo were anxious to eat breakfast

Ripley did not like the taste of his de-worming paste

Nemo and Quigly

Charlotte and Calimba

Baby and Thomas

Sabrina and Sparky

King and Moe

Blu and Quigly

Cinnamon and Norman

Maisie and Cuffie

Dolly and Calimba

Rip and Grand

Donneur and Flyer

Lofty and Gus

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