Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Stills

Sabrina and Sparky grooming

Cinnamon and Dawn grooming

Roho, Gus and Wilson

Calimba had some birds hitching a ride


Toledo and Magic

Alfie, Taylor and Renny

Revy, Homer and Baby



Convey, Chance and Ricardo

Havana and Cino

Ripley and Roho


Digby and Quigly

Mick and Blu

Taco, Nemo and B-Rad

Cuffie and Lily

Ascot, Blu and B-Rad

Lofty, Romeo and Lotus

Maggie, Jake and Penny

Lily and Norman anxiously waiting for breakfast

Miss Lyle and Jo

Grand and Rip waiting for their turns with the farrier

Havana, Fabrizzio, Duesy, Remmy and Cino

Baner and Art

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