Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dealing With Blankets

I just gathered up the blankets that I need to run over to my wonderful person who does blanket cleaning and repair. I really hate dealing with blankets. Put them on, take them off, change to a different weight, get the dirty blankets cleaned, etc. The most irritating part is dealing with blankets that are on the injured reserve list. Most of the horses don't come with "spares" so dealing with ripped/torn blankets is a real pain. My list of blankets in need of repair that are going to the blanket fairy tomorrow include:

Rambo sheet with broken chest surcingle
Weatherbeeta blanket with huge rip on one side
Dover Rider's sheet with broken chest surcingle and rip in the shoulder
Gatsby sheet with giant rip in it
Dover hug blanket with large rip
Saxon blanket with large rip

As you can see there is no discrimination going on around this farm. We rip and tear all brands of sheets and blankets in conformity with our affirmative action plan!! I can't even blame it on a certain horse or claim that certain groups tend to play too hard and be rough on the blankets as again we are equal opportunity about blanket shredding. Surely I am not the only one who is having to deal with various blanket issues right now??


Sport's Mom said...

A chore I'm so glad I don't have! The extent of our blanket management is a good scrubbing in the wash rack and as we only have one horse who wears a blanket and only at certain times even that is very easy. The one great thing about Georgia, it is either very wet or very cold but hardly ever at the same time.
A Lucky Owner With Low Maintenance Horses

~*~Amy~*~ said...

You are not alone! My mares' blankets are ripped to shreds....mostly thanks to my Mini Cooper!

Java's Mom said...

My mare is very particluar about labels and will only wear a Rambo Rug or anything by Classic Coverups. Otherwise, it's shredded. I took that as a hint years ago. She grows a nice coat now, and seldom wears a blanket, so she has a nice small collection of cloting now, thank goodness. Good luck with your blanket madness!