Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Floating Away

I don't know how much rain fell over middle Tennessee Tuesday through Wednesday morning but it was quite a bit. Jason said we set a rainfall record for this time of year and I believe it. The horses have a lot of mud to work with needless to say, and they are thrilled about that! Why do they love the mud so much?

What I want to know is why couldn't we have gotten all of this rain in October and early November when we really needed it? When the grass would still have had a lot of new growth from the rain? I'm starting to sound whiny so I'll wrap this post up by including some pictures. These pictures are all from early and mid October.

Elfin with Chance in the background
Chance with a mouthful of grass
Elfin, Ivan, Leo
Asterik, Poco, Sparky
Trillion, Sebastian and a chicken
Bella, Bonnie and Jason
Sparky and Jason
Homer crossed his front legs and fell asleep waiting for his turn with the farrier
Jason and Asterik
Asterik with one of the goats
Sparky and Faune


MsFoxy said...

I was just complaining about the same thing. My yard is a total mudbowl. Foxy is ready to give herself away to someone with a barn. And there is supposed to be tons more next week too. Argh.

ezra_pandora said...

love that picture of Homer with his legs crossed. That's hilarious. We in northwest ohio got lots of rain too. I believe they said if it had been snow it would been over 2 feet. I don't know, I'd almost rather snow :)

~*~Amy~*~ said...

Ick! It is so muddy now! Even my quarter-down is soupy & gross!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! We only got lots and lots of rain. Hoffy is sure enjoying the mud though....:)

AliFromNY said...

I'm sure Sebastian is perfectly happy in the rain, being from Ireland. Not to mention all the mud he gets to roll around in.