Monday, January 26, 2009

New Addition . . . Almost

We almost had a new addition on the farm today. I really, really wanted this one to join us on the farm. I'm on the e-mail list of the wonderful people that run our feed store, Bonnie's Barnyard. Bonnie sent an e-mail today that she had a client with an orphan fainting goat and were looking to place it in a new home. They didn't have time to do the four times per day bottle feeding. I have desperately wanted a fainting goat for years and after pleading my case with Jason he agreed to the new acquisition. I literally was bouncing around the house full of excitement and anticipation as I picked up the phone to call Bonnie.

Then the bad news came, the orphan kid had already been adopted, I was too late. I will admit this was a major letdown to me. In the seven minutes I had been aware of the kid's existence and availability I had already been compiling a list of possible names in my head, was dreaming of dressing him in a little sweatshirt for the few colds nights we have coming, and cooing over him while feeding him. Alas it was not meant to be although I know we would have provided him with a home any goat would love. Right??

To ease my pain I sorted through some of my recent pictures of our current two goat residents taken in November, December and January. Sniffle.

Bubba in December during our 24 hours of snow; yet another terrible naming job that must be attributed to my Dad. I shudder every time I have to tell someone his name.
Bubba and Billy (yep - you guessed it - another name from dad) in the snow
Napping with the chickens in November
One morning in late November I realized I was missing a feedbag. Jason and I looked everywhere for it. We finally found it wrapped around Bubba's neck. Apparently he smelled the remnants of food in it, stuck his head in it while it was hanging on the hook, then managed to pull it down and wrap it around him.
Shaking his head trying to get it off. We finally caught him and removed it.
Chili wondering where in the world his parents sent him as he meets Bubba on his first day with us. This was taken in November
Billy and Bubba napping
A close-up of Bubba fast asleep


Sport's Mom said...

If you want another goat that bad just go to your local sale barn. They always have really cute babies. I have ADGA registered Saanens and also have kids on the way but I don't think you want to pay $300 to $350 for a goat kid especially since none of our doelings are for sale.

-Fellow Goat Addict

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

No, since the two goats that are here now were strays that just wandered up and moved in I don't foresee us paying for a goat any time in the near future. We don't care about registered or anything like that, we just enjoy the goats. I was pretty excited about my free fainting goat. :(

Anonymous said...

sorry for the ignorance, but what the heck is a fainting goat?

Jason said...

A fainting goat faints when it gets startled, such as by a loud noise or by a predator approaching at high speed.

I'm thinking in all honesty that a real farm in a rural place = big vet bills and a short life span for a fainting goat.

However, Melissa wants one, so....

ezra_pandora said...

Oh man!!! That would have been awesome. Did you ever see the Dirty Jobs episode with the fainting goats. Mike Rowe was just astonished by them. And Jason, you are such a dear :))

Sully said...

So is this what Melissa will be getting for her birthday this year? :)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

E_P, thanks so much for alerting me to the episode about the fainting goats on Dirty Jobs! I will have to find it on YouTube or obtain a copy. I can't wait to see it!!! (Love that show by the way - we just don't watch tv much)

Sully, I was actually thinking that Valentine's Day is just around the corner . . . ;)