Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm sure it is not necessary for me to remind everyone that I am, as always, way behind on posting pictures. All of these pictures were taken in November. Hey, at least we are getting closer to 2009!

Bella the dog and Cloudy the cat; Cloudy has been introduced in this post and also this post Harmony
I caught Chance right in the middle of a nap
Dad with Bugle in the passenger seat, Bush standing in the back, Bear is the black blob in the back and Trooper is on the floorboard. We call Dad's gator the dogmobile because he never goes anywhere without at least three dogs riding along. I introduced some of the dogs in this post and Bush had his own post.
Trooper yawning while he catches a ride
Fall colors Ogie and Sebastian
Asterik, Ogie, Faune and Sebastian with a background of some pretty fall colors
Fall on the farm Chance, Apollo and Leo
Sebastian and Faune
Chance joined us from Connecticut in September and he thought he was still in New England this fall. His winter coat came in the earliest this year.
Leo and Eflin
Sebastian and Trillion


Jessie Wiley said...

Once again, BEAUTIFUL pictures of your farm and residents. My fave is the one of your dad with all those dogs!:)

ezra_pandora said...

I think you need to get the vet out, all of the horses at your farm always have their heads down, dragging on the ground. They must have neck problems. hehe, just kidding of course. Must be some yummy growth on that farm of yours. I LOVE the dogmobile. That cracks me up. Dogs always wanting a ride around the farm. Too funny. I always smile at your blog :)

Sport's Mom said...

Sparky has the cutest expressions! I wish Gracie was that emotional. All she can ever manage is either ticky or hungry, and sometimes both. LOL!