Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cloudy and Olivia

I've introduced you to Cloudy before in this post. Cloudy not only has his good looks going for him, but also his adorable personality. I also mentioned our other barn cat, Olivia. I said you would probably never see a picture of Olivia because she is shy and retiring, and also quite nocturnal. Well, I lied. I managed to take one (1) whole picture of Olivia a few weeks ago. Unfortunately she did not care for the flash and went up into the loft after the first picture.

Olivia is a big fan of my dad. She comes when he calls her and will sit on his lap while he brushes her. She slinks around in the background while I put the cat food out but I cannot say that she particularly likes me. She does love Cloudy though and the two of them are great friends.

Olivia up in the rafters; she did NOT like the flash so this was my one chance at getting her picture
Cloudy being a mighty hunter or something along those lines. He was being quite playful on the fallen tree limb.
Getting ready to make a dash up a tree; something had his attention
Trying to be stealth cat

Sharpening his claws

Taking a break to wash himself
Worn out from his excursion he wrapped things up with a nice roll in the grass

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JamieC said...

I want to live on your farm...(sigh)

It is so beautiful!