Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving - Retirement Style

When I look at these pictures it makes me think of the song from that 80's move "Annie." I think the song is called something like "It's a Hard Knock Life" or something along those lines. These pictures are from Wednesday and Friday of this week. These horses lead such a hard knock life, it just isn't fair! I guess if we were to ask our residents what they are thankful for they would probably say good food, good friends and plenty of sleep.

Levendi napping, and if you look closely you see a white blob on the ground which is Ivan
Ivan does his best dead horses imitation on a regular basis. It always makes my heart stop for a moment.
He is sleeping hard when he is in dead horse position, and I always have to walk up to him and say his name loudly to wake him up. Ivan saying "mom, why did you wake me up??"
Levendi looking quite refreshed from his nap. He popped up when he saw me. "I wasn't sleeping, I was wide awake, really."
This scene was in another pasture
Bridget napping and Lexi fast asleep doing her dead horse imitation
Poco having an afternoon siesta
Sparky getting in on the "action" as well


~*~Amy~*~ said...

Did you ever get the pictures I took during my visits last time? They are hilarious! Feeling any better???

Anonymous said...

How funny! These are great pictures!:)

Anonymous said...

Those are some stressed-out horses, lol.

ezra_pandora said...

I love the dead horse impressions, those would surely stop my heart too!! They'd be so annoyed with me for not letting them snooze.

Dressager said...

Oh my gawsh, how cute! I know what you mean, everytime I pull up to the barn around noon and I see the horses napping, I always get the panicky feeling, but then I see one of the horses watching over everyone while they sleep and it calms me down. Once you know they're sleeping, it is so sweet to watch! But usually I don't look for that and wake them up, and they give me that "I was sleeping..." look. It's so cute.