Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello New Arrivals!

We've had an abundance of new arrivals to the farm in the last few weeks - and not just horses! Our hen has three adorable chicks following her around. Unfortunately most of her eggs did not hatch but the three chicks that made it through incubation are super cute.

The hen with her three chicks in tow
We've also had an abundance of new arrivals around the pond. I had mentioned several weeks ago about our one lonely Canada Goose that had been hanging around the pond and often wandering through the pastures around the pond. Well the lonely goose had a mate show up finally and about three weeks ago we noticed they were floating around the pond with four goslings following them.
The geese with their goslings. You can see some of our other new arrivals behind in them in the first picture.

The chicks and goslings are adorable and so much fun to watch. However if we weren't already on nursery overload we also have a big flock of new baby ducks as well! They share the pond peacefully with the geese and goslings, and I often see all of them floating around in one big group together.

The new ducks floating around the pond

Last, but certainly not least, I've been seeing this lovely heron around the pond every day as well. He/she is very pretty and seems quite content to enjoy life on our farm with our wide assortment of residents.

Our resident Heron hanging out by the pond

In addition to having a great time watching our many new arrivals Jason was busy this weekend mowing pastures. For this job he uses the 100 horse power tractor and the 15' bush hog. When you have 140 acres to mow, even with this equipment, it takes awhile! Sitting on the tractor makes his back hurt after a few hours so he did a half day of mowing the last couple of days and has gotten a good start on this big job. Hopefully the mowing will be finished in the next few days and he can take a break from the tractor until the next round of mowing. He is mowing everything to a height of about five to six inches. It was nice not to be wading through waist high grass in certain areas anymore!
Jason giving us his best impersonation of an insect; I told him he looked like a bug!
Making one of many passes with the bush hog
One of the pastures that was cut this weekend; Clay and Snappy are our grazers Buffy, Missy and Harmony in the newly mowed pasture


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hi Melissa!
The hen and chicks were so cute! I know what you mean about the waist high grasses too. We have just rotated our horses to another pasture so we could mow. Everything always looks so nice after. The geese and goslings reminded me of visiting my daughter in her apartment complex....they have beautiful ponds but unfortunately there are too many geese! It's wooded and an older neighborhood. We had to wait for them to cross in front of our car to get out of there!LOL! Love your last photo of the three horses and the corner of the red barn...nice!

Java's Mom said...

Oh, pretty pretty pretty!!!!

ezra_pandora said...

I love the babies!! There is a big pond on the way to my older boy's school and everyday we drive by it and watch for the geese and the babies. It's so neat watching them grow. They grow SO fast too!!

Good luck Jason on the huge job!! I don't envy that part of your job :)