Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Name that Gray

Both in the comments and in my e-mails people often ask me which gray horse is which. We have a lot of gray horses retired with us. I love it since I've never personally owned a gray but always wanted one. So now I "have" several! Today we're having a little primer on gray horses. Maybe we'll even have a pop quiz at the end to see who paid attention!

Cuff Links; Cuffie is a welsh pony and retired from doing the pony hunters Asterik; Asterik is a holsteiner and had a very impressive career doing both the big jumpers and the hunters as well
Buffy; Buffy is a thoroughbred mare and retired show hunter
Homer; Homer is an Irish Thoroughbred and retired show hunter
Ivan; Ivan is a thoroughbred and retired Grand Prix jumper
Harmony; Harmony is a thoroughbred mare and retired polo pony
Traveller; Traveller is also a welsh pony and retired from the pony huntersSebastian; Sebastian is a Connemara/Irish Draught cross and he apparently could do just about anything. Sebi was a fox hunter in Ireland and also here in the States and also showed in the hunters and the jumpers
Lightening; Lightening is an Arabian and retired trail horse from Colorado

And that is it for gray horses on the farm! I decided to be nice and skip the pop quiz at the end.


lytha said...

You have an Arabian?!@??!!! *dance*


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh they're all beautiful but here are my favorites....they are the ones who just seem to speak to me when I see their photos! Cuffie is so cute and I really like the Welsh ponies since I was in Australia and saw so many of them....love the way they're built! Buffy, she has a very expressive face! Ivan....love his build and the photo you took with the road and barn....awesome! Traveler is adorable of course! You're lucky to have so many grays! Enjoy them! Have a great day Melissa!

Anonymous said...

I see Cuffie's in his usual position - paying attention to the grass! I once read somewhere that the mutation for grey color was a one-time thing and therefore all grey horses are (very) distantly related. It's unfortunate that grey comes with an increased risk of melanoma. I think grey horses are beautiful in all their variations, but I didn't enjoy trying to keep Lily clean when we were showing!

Anonymous said...


I guessed what Cuffie would be doing in his picture, lol! Also, I never knew you had an Arab!!! He's cute! anyways, your so lucky to get to share your life with all these fantastic equines! I'm jealous!

Oh, I forgot my password, so that's why its anonymous! It's written down somewhere.....

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Look at Harmony! She looks like she's in FOAL! LOL.

She is so happy there!