Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Deer Sightings and Pictures

Remember the deer I saw grazing and then participating in the runabout with the big boys? I saw them again on Friday afternoon. You see such interesting things as you are standing around filling up water troughs! I am assuming it is the same three deer that I saw last time. They were grazing proximate to the big boys again although they were not right in the group of horses like they were last time. I took a few pictures and a short video clip before I moved around too much and scared them off.

Other than seeing the deer again the last few days haven't offered up anything particularly noteworthy - which I must add is fine with me! Jason and I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon looking at land again. The search continues and we saw some possibilities this weekend. We've been looking for so long and had a few things fall through so it is pretty hard to get excited about anything at this point. Horse shopping was a lot easier and more fun! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Deer grazing and then running away from me

I guess I didn't realize they had such big ears. When I was looking at the pictures I took of them while writing this blog post my comment to Jason was they look like Mickey Mouse.
We had to mow the grass again because it was getting impossible to take any pictures of Cuffie again. His head is pretty much always down and grazing so you don't see much of him when the grass starts getting too tall!
Harmony and MyLight
Lily, Missy, Buffy, MyLight and Harmony (Cuffie was to the left of Lily, I couldn't fit them all in so he is pictured above!)
Trigger and Chance had a grooming session
Elfin; Elfin had his mane pulled a couple of days ago and it looks much better than when I took this picture early last week.
L-R Dustin, Homer, Tony, Leo, Chance
Tony and Dustin; Baby's head is behind Tony


Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always for the pictures of contented horses grazing!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

We have deer also at the back line of our property along the creek. Every spring a doe (same one I think) has babies. The horses have gotten so used to them now I don't think they even stop grazing to look up anymore. I always check the fences to make sure they haven't been in the pastures at night. Their ears and tails are huge! They also go into the apple orchard to eat the apples off of the trees. Last year was a doe and three babies standing in the orchard....of course I could not get in close enough before I scared them away. Great photos of the horses...everyone looks content.