Thursday, April 12, 2012


Apparently we struck a funny bone with several people with our description of the runners on our vaccination day post. We certainly had a lot of funny emails from our clients in the last couple of days. Several people wanted to know if their horse was a runner. Some seemed mortified at the possibility of their horse being a runner, others were confident that there horse was a runner! Thankfully most of the horses are easily swayed by the presence of food and most of them opt to wait around hoping for a treat from one of the feedbags we are carrying with us at all times.

I was laughing with a friend of mine about how much planning, organizing, and strategizing happens in advance of vaccination day to make sure things go smoothly and efficiently. I spend tons of time at my desk typing out various lists of instructions and Jason and I plan out our strategy for each pasture as far as who goes first, etc. Her comment was that of course the horses were planning and strategizing as well. I saw this picture floating around on the internet a few days ago. I would imagine it is an accurate description of how the horses plan for vaccination day:

Replace "Ride" with "RUN" and this is how the horses plan their strategy for vaccination day

For everyone who got such a laugh at the mental image of the runners, and of Jason and I chasing the runners, I thought I would give you one more laugh on the topic!


We've moved into "hanging out in the woods" season. If you can't find the horses your best bet is to go hike through the woods. Wiz leading the way out followed by Fuzzy, Chili, Dutch and Murphy.

Watching them emerge is like watching clowns emerge from a clown car, they just keep coming. Chili, Dutch, Murphy, Renny, Alex, Darby and B-Rad

Darby, Alex, Lighty and B-Rad were the last ones out

Winston and Romeo

Silver, Winston, Romeo, Gus and Asterik

Clayton and Largo

Toledo and Kennedy

Johnny and Rocky


Anonymous said...

clowns from a clown car indeed!

Bif said...

You know, we still want names. Of the runners, that is.

I am not even a client. I'm just nosey.