Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Day In Pictures

Most of the time I take for granted the amazing landscape, horses and scenes that I get to see every day.  Today was a day where I really noticed and appreciated everything I usually take for granted.  I think it was because the sunrise was particularly stunning this morning.  Instead of rushing around getting feed ready I actually took a few minutes to watch the sun light up the sky and I was treated to a particularly spectacular show.  

After such an elegant start to the day it made me really take notice of all my views for the rest of the day.  I thought I would share my day in pictures in chronological order.  I hope you appreciate the views as much as I did.

Sunrise view to start the day.  It was glorious and I failed to capture it with a picture.

Gus and Faune grooming in the early morning fog

Lotus and Romeo were also having an early morning grooming session

the chestnut crew heading out after breakfast; Fuzzy, Chili, Renny and Murphy

I took a minute to appreciate the morning sun coming through the trees as I walked along the driveway

the deer we see every morning

I took several pictures as I watched the mares and ponies heading to the gate for breakfast; Calimba, Cinamon and Maisie with the big tail swish

MyLight trotting in with Norman following her; you can see the roof of the front barn in the background

Calimba, Cinnamon and Cuffie


Cuffie and Lily were bringing up the rear

 I watched an afternoon play session between Silver and Asterik

Miracle, Griselle and Sky trotting across the pasture


Anonymous said...

Miracle is turning into quite the looker!

Tina~too lazy to sign in

Wendy said...

Simply beautiful. You are very lucky! I spend my mornings looking at the bumper of the car in front of me in Atlanta traffic. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

So, when i retire Josie, my sweet Spotted Draft, can i retire too? Just a thought LOL! Love your place.

An American in Tokyo said...

Oh Sparky!! Long time no see?? I love your cute ears!! We have a OTTB at my riding club who has ears almost as long as yours! ;)

An American in Tokyo said...

Sorry, I think I meant to put the above comment under the next day's post! User error. =P