Sunday, July 8, 2012


The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was the rain that finally found its way to our farm.  At least the dust will settle for a couple of days if nothing else.  It has been so very dry we will need a lot more rain to undo the damage to the pastures but something is better than nothing.  It was ridiculous how excited Jason and I were over rain.  We have a few more rain chances this week and we are doing our very best rain dances and hoping we get more.

It seems when it comes to rain we are always complaining that we have either too much or too little.  It would be nice to feel like Goldilocks and get our rainfall amounts just right for a change.  Maybe one day that will actually happen!

Gus, George and Asterik

 Johnny and Chili


Grand, Elfin and Thomas in their usual spots waiting for breakfast

 Toledo and Rampal


Calimba, MyLight, Cinnamon and Norman

One set of ears down and one set up; Titan and Lotus

Rocky and Kennedy

Sam wishes his feedbag was as full as Fuzzy's!

Since I've given up on finding time to ride my mare Bonnie she has been with a fabulous trainer for a few months and is doing some eventing.  She's been having a great time and I am having fun watching from the sidelines for now.  She loves cross country.

Bonnie thinks the stadium jumping is fine but not nearly as much fun as cross country.  

Bonnie's new motto:


Anonymous said...

Glad you got some rain. We haven't had anything but a sprinkle in months and things are just baked to a crisp with the horrible heat wave we had and the dust is amazing. I know you guys have been even drier and hotter - hope that rain comes through for you.

Glad Bonnie is having fun - she looks great!

SmartAlex said...

I often wonder if you ever have time to participate in horse sports. Nice to see pictures of Bonnie.

2007 and 2010 we got our rain just right. I remember it with fondness. In 2007 it rained about 5 nights out of every 7 and was beautiful during every day. In 2010 it rained about 5 days out of every 7, but only for an hour, and then it was beautiful the rest of the day. Ahhh... memories.