Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainy Days

We are finally getting a bit of cooperation from Mother Nature.  We, along with many of our friends and neighbors, had been doing all we could think of to make it rain.  We had hired rain dancers, offered up sacrifices, prayed, complained, and finally just given up.  

This past weekend it did finally rain once but the dust was back by Monday.  There is this funny picture floating around on Facebook that says something like "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me 94,327 you're the weather man."  

It had gotten to the point where I was no longer associating overcast skies, wind and thunder with rain.  All of these things were happening frequently and were no longer accompanied by precipitation, not even a few token raindrops.  Finally it rained a little bit on Wednesday and it was nice to get wet in the morning.  Today it rained off and on all day, real rain.  My middle Tennessee friends had essentially the same status update on Facebook today, some variation on "oh my gosh it is raining for real!"  

The grass is so damaged at this point the pastures will not fully recover this season, nor will the hay field.  However there will at least be some improvement and we'll take it at this point.  Hopefully our weather forecast is accurate (ha!) and the continuing rain chances come to fruition.  Then Jason and I can find another topic to dwell on, one much more interesting than how severe is the drought going to get. 


Silver and Gus grooming

Alex, B-Rad and Darby

Wiz and Sebastian

Fuzzy, Sam (doing his post meal licking) and Renny

Apollo and Hemi grooming and getting some assistance from Thomas

Toledo and Kennedy grooming, Rampal and Stormy grazing

Chance, Leo, Levendi and Thomas



We're back in the construction zone, adding a "wing" onto the back barn . . . 

You see the roof of the new wing on the back barn in this picture.  This new section is going to be stalls.


RuckusButt said...

We are rain-obsessed too. It's unbearably dry, all our pastures are toast and likely won't get a second cut either. I can't even remember the last time I mowed the lawn.
Hopefully we'll get some on Sunday but they keep downgrading the amounts! Glad you're getting some relief from the dust!

Laura said...

Ditto to what RuckusButt said (we're in the same area!) Glad you are getting some relief from the dryness - here's hoping we get some rain soon too!