Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barn Drama Makes the Wall Street Journal

Everyone knows the saying that the horse world if full of crazy people and that if you don't know a crazy horse person then it's you. You are the crazy one.  Good thing I know lots of crazy horse people so I can rest assured that *I* am not the crazy one.  

Apparently non horse people also think we are crazy, to the point it was worthy enough to write about in the Wall Street Journal. I love the subtitle to the article: "People Who Board Horses Know That Misbehavior by Human Owners is Common Hazard." I'll preempt everyone who feels the need to mention it and say the crazy isn't reserved just for the horse owners, there are plenty of crazy barn owners and trainers out there too.  

Why is there so much crazy in the horse world?  Horses are expensive in both time and money. Then there is the unfortunate fact that although they are large horses are incredibly fragile, delicate creatures that are born looking for a way to kill themselves. And they don't want a quick, painless death, they apparently want it to be slow and painful with multiple attempts. So when you have a bunch of people spending a huge amount of their time and money on incredibly delicate animals that spend their time looking for new and creative ways to injure themselves . . .  it is enough to make the most sane person start trending towards the crazy side. Apparently it happens so often the WSJ feels our craziness is newsworthy. Who knew?  


Thomas leading the way in for breakfast followed by Baby and Rip

Hemi and Tony coming for breakfast with Elfin on the run behind them saying "wait for me!"

Cuffie and Cinnamon



Merlin and Noble

Miracle and Sparky

Griselle and Timbit

Dutch and Murphy



Murphy and Renny

Wiz leaping in the air and saying "wheeeeee!" . . . 

. . . then he did it again with Murphy and Dutch watching


An American in Tokyo said...

To add to the barn drama story, it's not just horse owners, but students as well. Our riding club have very few people who own their own horses, but plenty of crazies!! I try to stay away from them, but it doesn't always work...

EvenSong said...

Miracle looks GREAT!
Do you have any plans for her, or did she work hard enough in the first year or so of her life, just to survive, that she's already earned her retirement?

I also love Slinky's "grizzled" face. How old is he? Our old RT has the same look going--he just turned 34!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Slinky is 39 years young and as feisty as ever!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

It's kind of crazy to own horses period - but some horse people are really crazy. That's why I won't be having any more boarders.

Love the article - sharing with all my crazy friends. ;D

(Timbit is soooooo cute!)