Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Stills

Walden and Lightning

Faune and Lofty

Baby and Ritchie

you can always tell where a grey horse has rolled these days

Maisie and Lily grooming; Maisie was getting a ton of hair off Lily. It will be time to break out the body clippers for both of them (plus several others) in a couple of weeks.  All the Cushings horses have a date with the clippers every spring.

Chance napping in the sun

Wiz was worried that we might not know it had rained overnight

Asterik and George were being goofy and also were doing their part to make sure we knew it had rained. We don't charge extra for the mud baths, aren't we generous!

Dolly and Silky

Miracle, Timbit and Griselle

Levendi, Rip and Thomas grazing in the rain

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Jenny said...

If you charged extra for mud baths, you could retire. LOL