Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Halter Effects

Whenever we have a scheduled event such as a farrier day, dental day, etc. we always put halters on the horses that will be participating in that day's activities at morning feeding. I don't know what it is about halters going on but it seems to make the horses on this farm very tired. There is something about the halters going on that equals horses laying down and napping.

The thought pattern is apparently something like "Oh no, they put the halter on me. This means that I might not be doing exactly what I want to do every minute of this day. This is so unfair, I'm retired, I don't want to see the farrier/vet/dentist."  Maybe the horsey temper tantrum wears them out and they have to take a nap to recharge like they are giant sized toddlers or something. 

Or maybe the thought pattern is more like "Oh no, they put the halter on me. That probably means I'm going to see a farrier today. I'm going to have to stand on three legs while I have my pedicure, it is soooo hard. I'd better lie down and rest up."

There is one day each year where halter day often has the opposite effect: vaccination day. I don't know how they know that it is vaccination day, but they do. We have seven pastures however if you were to drive down our driveway on vaccination day you would be wondering if a single horse lived anywhere on the property. The second the halters go on there is suddenly something in the farthest corner of their pasture that requires immediate attention. Everyone heads to the nether regions of their pastures immediately, often at a gallop, to investigate. That or they go hide in the woods. Either way the pastures suddenly look quite empty from the driveway.

Today was a farrier day so we had the tired horse phenomenon once the halters went on. As I looked at all the horses either resting up for their turn with the farrier or recovering from their turn with the farrier I reflected on the fact that farrier days always seem to equal tired horses. The things that make you go hmmmmm.


the morning view

another view from this morning

Murphy and Renny didn't care about the views, they wanted to be fed

Walden and Fabrizzio

Moe looks a lot less enthusiastic than  Jason about waiting for the farrier

Chance and Tony



Elfin; I'm not sure if waiting for the farrier is more tiring . . . 

. . . or recovering from the farrier appointment is more tiring; Walon


Jason's lilac bush a few days ago; Jason loves lilacs in the spring


RuckusButt said...

Yet another very interesting horse behaviour that you would likely only come to be aware of in your type of situation. I *wish* farrier day made my horse lazy! Instead, he seems to try to make it look like I teach him no manners whatsoever! Well, that might be an exaggeration but he certainly can be a pill on farrier day! At least both vet and farrier days have gotten much better since I've owned him.

Those photos are gorgeous! If the horses don't seem to appreciate the view, it's only because they see it every day. I don't think I'd ever get tired of seeing it, breakfast or not! (Ok...maybe enjoy the view while having breakfast ;) )

lytha said...

"you would be wondering if a single horse lived anywhere on the property" - I laughed so hard while reading this to my husband I had tears in my eyes and could hardly read on.