Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Full Hay Barns

Jason has been getting antsy as we usually have first cutting hay filling up our barns by mid to late May. This year it has been more difficult to source quality hay. The hay field yields in our area are down due to drought damage from last year, prices are up, and many people didn't get their first cutting off as quickly as normal due to weather. All of these things added up to us having 2.5 of our 3 hay barns being empty. 

Thankfully we began to rectify that today. We put a dozen large loads of hay into two of our hay barns today. We're far from done filling our farm up, but we're a lot closer than we were this morning. Our goal is always to fill our barns up with first cutting hay in the spring, and since building our third hay barn last year we can now store a year's supply of hay.  We will both sleep better tonight knowing that not only did we put a lot of hay in the barns today, there is even more coming tomorrow. 

a big load of fresh hay is always a welcome site on any farm; we had the pleasure of seeing this turning into our farm about a dozen times today

Of our three hay barns, this one is now full and another is well on its way

Rip and Revy

Renatta and Dolly

King and Trigger

Cuffie and Lily


Charlotte and Calimba

we like them lined up and orderly at feeding time; Mick, Johnny, Happy, Lighty and Sam


Walon and Roho

Walden and Fabrizzio

Fabrizzio, Remmy and Duesy

Duesy, Baner, Hesse and Bruno

Baner, Bruno, Hesse, Cino and Havana

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Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Very satisfying sight. :D

My love of a full hay barn was tempered considerably last fall. Pulling, sorting and re-stacking a hundred bales - the bottom half soaked by salt water - will do that.