Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Marathon, Part 2

We finished our annual Spring Body Clipping Marathon on May 10th this year after starting on April 20th. I think we did 21 clips during round one of the marathon. We started round two about 2.5 weeks ago. Some of the Cushing's horses will only need the one clip they got in the spring. Others we will clip 3 or 4 times, some will get two clips, it just depends on the horse. So far Paramount, Renatta, King, Lily and Maisie have had their second clips, all staggered out over the last few weeks. My clippers get quite a workout spring through fall. The plan is to put them to work again tomorrow and give a couple more horses their second body clips.

Paramount checking out all of his hair; his second clip actually took place 2.5 weeks ago

his hair growth was too much but not as bad as others

Renatta had lots of hair to clip off for round 2; she'll be looking at a round 3  and probably a round 4; we also clipped her 2.5 weeks ago

Renatta's second clip job of the season

Lily is another one that will at a minimum need 3 clips  and possibly 4; she had her second clip 2 weeks ago

Lily in progress during clip 2

Lily's 2nd clip of the season

Maisie had her second clip yesterday

Maisie after her second clip


Rocky and Toledo


Cino and Havana

Bruno and Duesy

Levendi and King grazing in the fog

Roho and Gus

Magic, Rubrico, Ripley and Walon

Convey and Chance


Thomas and Baby

Elfin, Grand and Rip

Gus, Roho and Rocky

Calimba and MyLight

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