Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pictures Around the Water Trough

Who knew you could take so many pictures of horses around water troughs??
Harmony always sticks her tongue out while she holds water in her mouth. She loves to drool it all over unsuspecting people who don't realize what her game is.

Teddy isn't impressed by it thoughIt looks like Apollo and Leo both had a nice roll in the dirt before taking a drink
Buffy and Teddy share a drink
Elfin takes a drink while Apollo dribbles water back into the trough
Homer and Finn share a drink
Finn and Apollo share a drink with their feedbags still on. I have about a two second window between when they finish eating and they take a drink. This is why I use feedbags with a solid bottom and mesh sides.Ivan, Homer and Elfin

And then Apollo managed to squeeze in there as well! I did't think 4 horse heads would fit in there.


ezra_pandora said...

I love it!! Those silly horses. Our older mare will take her grain from one side of the stall and go all the way to the other where the water is (for a reason), and she'll eat over the water and take a drink as soon as she's done, spilling 1/2 her grain in there. Maybe we need those feed bags for her...we asked the vet and had her teeth floated, she's definitely NOT underweight. He said don't worry about it. Silly horses.

Amy Brand said...

I love the 4 boys sticking their heads in!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Awwwww yes, she has always done the tongue thing...too cute!