Thursday, June 4, 2009

Buffy the Supermodel and Other Pictures

In one of the photo captions on my last post I asked if anyone could name this gray horse. Well, cadencedhoofbeats got it right, this gray horse is Asterik! I knew this would be a hard picture and I'm impressed that anyone got it right. Harmony was a good guess because of the head. Homer was also a good guess because of the barrel and the shadows in this picture make it look a bit more like Homer's coat.

This is Asterik

One more time, just for fun, I'll see if anyone can name this gray horse. Then I'll stop asking you to use your brain to read this blog and allow you to just enjoy the pictures again (at least for awhile!). Here is the primer post for naming that gray horse.

Does anybody know who I am?

On the topic of gray horses Buffy's mom sent me some pictures of her this week. Buffy was part of a photo shoot for a fashion spread in a magazine. You would have to know Buffy to understand how appropriate this is for her. Buffy is a "girly" girl. She has a pink plaid halter that is absolutely perfect for her. My mares would not fit a pink plaid halter personality wise but it is perfect for miss Buffy. These pictures were taken a couple of years ago shortly before Buffy joined us for retirement.

Buffy being a supermodel
Today has been a nice, quiet week at the farm. All of the pictures below are actually from last week. I must confess I haven't taken any pictures over the last few days. I've either not had my camera with me or my hands have always been occupied. Tomorrow we will have another visit from our wonderful farrier Gwen so it will be a busy day.

I love MyLight's expression in this picture with her very soft eye and relaxed look. She has taken well to retirement!
Slinky and Lucky
Slinky and Snappy


Anonymous said...


Java's Mom said...

OK, that is SO WEIRD. I just did a post on my blog along similar lines, then went to your post. This has happened before, but this is amazing that we just did these posts. Amazing.

ZionFarm said...

My guess is Sebastian.

Didn't know you had a celebrity retired on your farm! Buffy looked beautiful in the magazine ads.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

My guess is also Sebi/Irish Draught/Connemara cross, Fox Hunter retiree! I knew Buffy was a supermodel! While I can be sort of a girly girl (not when I'm with my horses) I thought it was rather humorous how the model beside Buffy appeared to be tiptoeing through the grass in ballet slippers, not very believable! Where's her boots!? Guess it wasn't that kind of shot...maybe I'd better click to enlarge and read the fine print! It was a nice spread! This was fun, I like the guessing games. Keep them coming!

lytha said...

dude, i knew it was asterik, cuz he often looks like an arabian, but you keep his mane pulled. i thought, oh, either that's asterik, or the arab.

isn't asterik your riding horse?


Amber Mac said...

Sebastian or Cuffie. Cuffie's prob a REALLY bad guess, but I luv him!!!

Dressager said...

How cool! Buffy looked gorgeous with the lighting and the scenery. I've been dying to a photo shoot with a horse. The only animal I've done a shoot with was a puppy. Cute... but I'd much rather a horse lol! I had a private one done with my horse, so I guess that counts. Still, I at least wore barn-appropriate clothes! A tunic and tights and dress flats? Seriously, now.

My guess is Sebastian? Lovely pictures, as always.