Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the snow (finally) came

I sprang out of bed at 6am this morning and immediately went to look out a window. I was excitedly anticipating our highly anticipated, much predicted snow. All of the middle Tennessee counties went ahead and closed the schools in anticipation of the snow (no I am not kidding). There was absolutely nothing on the ground, not even a flake of snow anywhere to be seen when I looked out my window this morning. What a disappointment that was! I do enjoy a nice snow day or two a year.

It did finally start to flurry later in the morning, and it kept it up off and on until early afternoon. Our total accumulation . . . . drum roll please . . . . was about a quarter of an inch. Yes, a quarter inch of snow closed the schools, kept people from work, and the schools are closed again on Friday. The roads are actually pretty bad in places. It was a very wet snow as it was just barely below freezing, and as the temperature dropped after dark the roads got icy. Since we have minimal ability to salt and plow that means most of the roads have had no help, ours included.

I was hoping for a little more snow just to have something to play in, and to make this weather seem more fun and less unbearable. We had a heat wave yesterday with a high of 34 degrees, so we will miss setting our record. To be honest that makes me mad and I feel like I have been shortchanged. These last six days have been awful and I think I deserve to be part of a new record!! Apparently the last time we had more than seven days in a row below freezing was sometime in the 1940's, I can't remember which year exactly. Thanks to yesterday's "heat wave" we were only below freezing for five days in a row and will not get our record. I am whole heartedly looking forward to next week when the high's will be back in the 40's and some of our lows will not even be under freezing. That will be much more normal for us!

Below are all of my snow pictures from today, such as they are. Not a lot of snow but enough that I felt the need to take a slew of snow pictures. I did see one horse in a shelter today, Ivan, but I didn't get a chance to take his picture before he walked out of the run-in. It was actually pleasant while the flurries came down, no wind and of course it is always very quiet when it snows. I enjoyed wandering the pastures and taking pictures. I just wish there had been more snow!

B-Rad and Winston

No snow cover at all in some places

Bugle heading down to the barn

Sebastian walking past my arena
Asterik in front of the arena
Bush and Bella following me up the steps

Sky and Lexi hanging out while the snow came down

Norman standing in the snow flurries, turning around to make sure I wasn't going to attempt to catch him!

the barn

Faune and Sebastian

B-Rad, Winston and Ogie

Ogie and Winston

Lightening, O'Reilly and Snappy in the background

Dustin and Tony

Slinky (Slink in pink!) and Teddy


Lily and MyLight



Lucky with some snow on his muzzle

Levendi also had a snowy muzzle

Homer and Thomas

Tony didn't let a little snow affect his appetite

Cuff Links

Snow did not keep Elfin and Trigger from wanting to lick the salt


Leo and Apollo



Cloudy was making tracks on the driveway


raphycassens said...

OMG Cuffie looks like a chinchilla! I bet my Calif boy isn't ditching his blanket anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

Lots of nice pictures, thanks! We got a little bit more snow than you - I'm going to try to take some pictures today.

jill said...

Ok Melissa, I'm sorry, but I am giggling so hard at your snow pictures. They are very nice, really, but a quarter of an inch and they closed the schools? We got 6 inches yesterday and I still had to go in and teach. They did close the schools today due to the overnight drifting though cus the buses can get stuck.
I think we're up to about 8 inches deep now for the year. And the wind chill is zero! Man, Tenn. sure looks good to me right about now!

Funder said...

Awww, I miss the South and its hysterical response to the white stuff! :) My dad said they got 1/2" near Memphis, and everything closed there.

phaedra96 said...

We have about four inches except where it drifted and that is anyone's guess!! Tonight is supposed to hit zero plus wind chill. Spent most of the afternoon shovelling. Wanna trade??

Bif said...

Sorry your snow day was a wash... I like how some of the frost pictures from the other day show less grass than the snow pictures!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I have to agree with the chuckle of a quarter of an inch and school closings. I stopped counting how many inches and just started shoveling! LOL! Great photos Melissa!

ZionFarm said...

It is the same way here if there is even a chance we might get snow. I never understood why people get milk and bread though...... would that not be the first thing to go bad?

Anyways,the snow pictures are beautiful!

amy324 said...

I used to live in Virginia, and as ZionFarm said, the stores would run out of bread, milk, and eggs. (and water) One time when we were checking out, the cashier said to me,"Are all these people making French toast?" ha ha, that has just stuck with me.