Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I am sorry I did not update my blog on my usual schedule. We've just been busy dealing with the romantic side of farming! Mostly trying to determine where the tiny leak is in over a thousand feet of water line. Life on a farm, always something to keep you entertained!

We noticed about a week ago that the refill rate on the well was slower than normal (we have both well and city water on the farm). We called a well company to come out and take a look, but we had to wait a few days for them to get to us. They come and put their tester thingies (yes, highly technical term) on different areas of the well and inform me it is working perfectly. Then they noticed that the pump came on very briefly although none of the hydrants were in use. First he decides we must have a minor leak. Then he informs me that the problem must be that we are pumping the well dry. It was a very frustrating conversation.

Me: "Did you not just tell me that the well was 200' deep and it was only 30' to water?"

Well repair guy: "Yes"

Me: "Then how could we possibly be pumping the well dry?"

Well repair guy with a very blank look: "I don't know."

Me: "So do we have a leak then?"

Well repair guy: "Maybe. I think you are pumping your well dry."

Me in a very frustrated voice: "I am calling my husband on my cell phone right now. You explain this to him."

Jason on cell phone: very clearly asking the same question I asked and restating the same facts about the well, trying to get a clear answer.

Well repair guy to Jason on cell phone: "I don't think there is anything wrong with your well."

Jason: Frustrated silence on the phone

Me: Standing there wondering why do *I* always have to deal with this @!#$

Well repair guy: hands me back my cell phone and leaves.

Me: Standing there wanting to both cry and seriously hurt somebody at the same time while I watch the truck drive away.

Needless to say we have moved on to well repair option number two! These people were much more thorough today, and also capable of carrying on a coherent conversation. They think we have a minor leak and said we are nowhere close to pumping the well dry. They will be coming back to install a few shut-off valves to help us narrow down where the leak is. In the meantime the well is working fine, just has a slower than usual recharge rate. Personally I am looking forward to the end of the well saga. Of course this will only mean that a new problem will arise. The joys of farming!

Bear striking a pose. He almost has all of his hair back after I made the mistake of having him shaved in the fall.

The life of Bear

More of the life of Bear; snuggled down into the couch; I see he was reading the latest issue of The Chronicle of the Horse!

Jason grooming Mina, one of the World's Cutest Fainting Goats

Dustin put his face right up to the camera lens

Ivan, Levendi and Thomas

Jo, the other World's Cutest Fainting Goat, wanting to get in Daddy's car to go for a ride

Sky, Cinnamon and Lexi



O'Reilly, Clay, Lightening and Teddy

Lily, Buffy, Missy and MyLight


Anonymous said...

Jo goes for rides in the car?!

Jason said...

No, but she sure acts like she wants to; Jo is a "no fear" goat for sure !

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oooh! Goat photos! Yay! I'm glad to see Mina is well! I think you should let Jo ride in the car! My lady would let me (Isobelle says with confidence). hee hee

RuckusButt said...

Oh, I hate that! It's even worse when your husband says the exact same thing that you did and the repair guy listens to him and not you! I've had that happen a few times, makes me crazy.

I guess the plus side to all this is you will now have the valves and if a leak happens again it will be easier to find from the start, right?

I love bear! He looks so snuggly.

lytha said...

oh those photos! jason grooming mina? how sweet, and the photo of him telling jo "no car ride this time, sweetie" - omgosh. those are the best photos i've seen in ages. and i look at great photos all the time: )

jason is so cool. he seems to love the life you share. and you love it too.


ZionFarm said...

Bear is the cutest thing! I always enjoy seeing photos of him. :)

Lori Skoog said...

You have clearly got one of the best facilities I've ever seen for these retirement horses. Loved looking at all the pictures on your blog... Is there information somewhere as to what you do and pricing?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

If we would allow her Jo would absolutely go for car rides just like a dog!

RB, you hit the nail on the head as to why I hate dealing with repairs of any sort. I always get treated like I am some sort of idiot, whereas Jason is sometimes treated like a person of intelligence!

Lytha, you have no idea how cool Jason is. He is right up there with your guy, we both hit the jackpot!

Everybody, Bear is so cute and snuggly. He is fully aware of this but that seems to only heighten his appeal!

Lori, thank you for the compliments, I will admit we do love compliments! :) You can learn more about us at