Thursday, July 28, 2011

Screaming Like a Girl

Today I finally made myself tackle one of my least favorite jobs; collecting all of the dirty horse blankets and getting them ready to be sent out for cleaning and repairs. I would rather clean the cow trough than deal with these gross blankets. I accumulated so much dirt throughout the day I actually changed my clothes twice. Given that I am used to being dirty that is really saying something!

As part of this task I re-label all of the blankets with the appropriate names. I was pulling piles of blankets out of the back of the truck, using my black and silver sharpies to write names on all of them, then folding and bundling the blankets into piles. Mina and Jo, World's Cutest Fainting Goats, were interested in what I was doing and were hanging around watching me.

I had pulled another pile of blankets off the truck and had my arms full as I was walking into the barn. All of a sudden I realized there was an extra pair of eyes on me. A salamander/lizard/gecko looking thing was on top of the blanket pile I had in my arms and we found ourselves literally eye to eye with each other.

I froze.

He blinked.

I dropped my pile of blankets and screamed at the top of my lungs. In response to my out of the blue screaming Jo fainted and Mina went stiff. I started running in circles (still screaming like the girl I am) brushing myself all over, convinced I was covered in creepy crawly lizard like things. When I was finally satisfied that there was nothing on me I began kicking the pile of blankets, and then progressed on to using a broom to fling them around. I never saw my little helper again, probably because he had the good sense to cut and run as soon as I dropped the blankets.

As I sit here at my computer several hours later I am still constantly brushing myself off. Every time my hair brushes against my neck or I feel my clothes move or anything else I start freaking out and brushing myself off. It is going to be days before I am able to get fully past this incident.

Gus and Romeo

another run-in shed under construction

George and Asterik

Silver, Fonzi, Winston and Faune


Thomas and Hoffy

Chance and Elfin

Apollo and Levendi

Thomas and Ivan

Slinky, Thor, Lightening, Noble and Spike


Funder said...

Ahahahaha, you made the goats faint, that cracks me completely up! I'm not squicked out by lizards, but I totally understand the creepy crawling "it's still on me" feeling. Last week I found (the hard way) a clump of weeds that was home to hundreds of horrible tiny beetle things that crawled up my pants legs and aaaaaaaa I still get twitchy thinking about it.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hee hee hee. Reminds me of the "frog in the feed incident" which also resulted in a scream and a fainting goat! Tee hee hee hee.

SmartAlex said...

ROTFLMAO! Now those are the kind of mascots to have. They had your back... you scream, they faint. Saves you the trouble. What a team!

KarenTX said...

ROTFLMAO!! I even woke the dog up laughing! Bless her heart, what a start that little guy gave you. And the poor goats! .......uh oh, just woke the dog up again! :o)

amy324 said...

Any chance we can get a video of the goats fainting? Or is it mean to do that to them on purpose? It must be hysterical.