Thursday, November 10, 2011


I think the moral of the upcoming story is that we should never make work related excuses for not completing a blog story. You'll soon see why if you follow along.

We've been having a fabulous run of weather lately with sunny skies and temps generally in the 60's and 70's which is perfect for working outdoors. Despite the short days this time of year we have been taking full advantage of them, working consistently from sun-up until the light fails just after sun down. Unknown to most of you we have been operating with only one car around here since our Tahoe gave up the ghost a couple of months ago. This might have gone on indefinitely as neither one of us could find the motivation to go car shopping. (Melissa here - in my opinion few things are more torturous than car shopping.) Melissa put her foot down on Sunday. She made sure that I understood that we were going to buy a car this week *no matter what*. Gotcha.

Anyone who has a farmette stocked with various sorts of critters and maybe a couple of horses knows better than to set any sort of deadline when the variables involve animals or fencing or property or old equipment. When it includes ALL of these things on a scale much larger than any farmette you know you're going to wind up feeling like you're trying to bail the Titanic with a thimble at some point.

In spite of working what feels like a hundred hours in the first four days of the week accompanied by a liberal crescendo of problems including both Melissa and I being sick, we DID buy a car which is probably a good thing. I think the poor car wonders what happened to it. We've only had it two days and we've already managed to fill it with farm detritus, feed bags, medicines and old clothing. If I tear off a couple of the hubcaps and bang in the side with a sledge hammer it ought to fit right in around here and I can stop worrying about when it's going to get scratched.

Oh the joys of farming.

Snappy, Noble, Thor and Lightening

Gus, Romeo, Fonzi and George


Johnny saying "I wasn't doing anything, promise . . . "

. . . "OK, I did convince Tiny to go all the way in the woods and now he's trying to find a way back out." (Tiny is on the right)

Clayton meandering through the woods

Rocky having a lazy day


Dutch and Murphy



Bif said...

The first car that was "all my own" was a Hello,-Officer!-Red sporty little Ford Probe. I felt kind of bad, looking at it at the dealers, knowing the indiscretions awaiting her... until I saw the white dog hairs in the front. "Oh, good, it'll understand! It already likes animals!"

Funny what we humans enjoy ascribing to even inanimate objects. =) At least we're entertaining (even if, like me, only entertaining to oneself)!

SmartAlex said...

I've had a new car for a few weeks now. It's already had two loads of beet pulp in it (ssshhhhhh!!!! don't tell on me) I'm keeping a Swiffer duster in it to wipe the grey horse hairs off the black dash. Luckily, the upholstry is grey, so they blend in there. I had to launder all my duffle bags, half chaps, and saddle cover to cut down on dust tranfer. So I guess it is a good influence!