Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Progress

Another run-in shed was completed today. The final touch was adding the cupola and that was done today. My cupolas on everything drive Jason crazy, he sees them as nothing but more work and added expense. I don't really care though, I'm rather partial to them!

Other than that things have been pretty routine the last couple of days. Although now that I think about it starting and finishing construction projects are a pretty routine part of our lives these days. I always read that one of the hardest tests for a marriage is building a house. Let me tell you, building one house would seem like a cakewalk at this point. We're still facing more barns, run-ins and thousands of feet of fences, water lines, electrical lines, etc. I guess this means Jason and I have a pretty strong marriage, or maybe we're just crazy. I could argue it either way!

The new run-in is the one in front of the barn. This picture was taken yesterday before the cupola was added today.

Just for comparison here are two pictures that show what the view above used to look like. These pictures were taken in early April of this year.

Adding the cupola to the run-in this morning

Wiz was feeling frisky


Murphy showing off his trot

Dutch was showing off as well


Mina and The Don hanging out in the flower bed behind the barn

Jo and Bubba were also in the flower bed. This is the only flower bed that doesn't have goat proof fencing around it. Note that almost nothing is left growing in it.

Tiny and Rampal grazing

Lucky, Teddy, and O'Reilly

Sebastian, Winston and Gus

Romeo and Sebastian

Noble and Lightening

Faune hanging out while Chimano napped hard nearby


lytha said...

love the before and after pic! i showed my man too, he was impressed. i gotta always remember to take before pics, even if they're of "ugly" things (like our ponds, last week before i cleaned them).

i like the arrangement of the shelters being close-in to your barn, and i'm curious about the layout all in all.

you just gave me a christmas gift idea for my dad: a german keep out sign!


SpectrumDiva said...

I love the cupolas! I think they turn the "sheds" into little "horse homes." :)

Jason said...



Yes, it's unprintable. :)

Hope the storm isn't too bad in the north country tonight.

jane augenstein said...

It's lookin good! I too love cupolas on barns, nice.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! Give all the horses a carrot, goats too (do they eat carrots?) had goats years ago and can't remember! LOL