Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wet, Windy and Wild

We had a nice rainfall late last night and through the morning this morning. For some reason rain is guaranteed to make the horses wild at feeding time and this morning was no exception. In addition to getting rained on feeding time takes twice as long as it should ( so you get to "enjoy" the rain even more!) as the horses romp and frolic around and generally act like idiots. We call it the rain stupids around here.

The rain cleared out mid morning and then the wind moved in. The rest of the day was windy and blustery with a few periods of sun here and there. The high winds had the same effect at dinner time feeding as the rain did this morning. All in all it was one of those days where the horses were having a grand time while the people were getting a little annoyed at everything taking twice as long as it should!

Chimano splashing around in the puddle that always forms behind my arena after a good rain. Romeo and Gus are watching in the background.

Chimano splashing in the puddle
It is tough to be Bear but some dog has to do it

Lightening and Slinky relaxing

Sebastian and Faune

Levendi and Leo snoozing away

Chance, Hemi and Apollo aren't looking very stressed

Lily and Cuff Links dozing in the afternoon sun

Chili and Wiz


Seindria said...

They look like they've been having a blast in all the mud. :3

lara said...

Thanks so much for posting a photo of Wiz! I miss him so much. ;) Looks like he had fun with the mud as usual!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

We're supposed to get that wet and windy weather up here today! Yech. You won't find me splashing in any water puddle! Your horses always look so happy! Lovely place to retire!

Anonymous said...

I had wild horses today too - changes in the weather!