Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Construction Update

Construction continues at the new farm. We have a hay barn under construction that should be finished in the next couple of days. There is also a bulldozer at work doing some clearing work to make way for more fencing. After another day of dozer work we're hoping to get going on some more fence.

After the hay barn is completed we're still got three more run-in sheds, another barn, never ending fence work (around another 18,000 feet to go I think), plus additional water lines, another electric service, extending the driveway and whatever else I've blocked from my mind forgotten. It I have reached the point that when Jason and I start talking about the endless construction lists all I can think about is the phrase from Seinfeld "yada, yada, yada." Whenever I have to think about, talk about, or otherwise occupy my brain with never ending construction stuff what is always running through my mind in the background is yada, yada, yada.

We're hoping to have all of this done in the next 90 to 120 days and have all of the horses moved. There are not words to express how happy we will be when that day comes. I won't speak for Jason but I will be some combination of giddy with excitement and relieved. Maybe I'll actually have some time to - *gasp* - ride! I'm sure Bonnie and Sky are doing their rain dances right now, hoping that we run out of funds and praying for anything else that keeps their status quo unchanged.


New hay barn under construction

Maisie and Lily; one of my favorite recent pictures

Wiz and Dutch

Elfin and Ivan

Snappy, Lightening, Noble and Regis

Slinky looking very interested in something

Clayton, Rampal and Stormy

MyLight and Missy



Stormy and Clayton having a siesta under the trees

Fonzi, Romeo and Chimano


lytha said...

you must be busy because i see weeds on the ground and i know how they drive jason crazy!

what about a house? where will you two sleep?

Laura said...

That's great that the construction is moving along so well... I do have a question though - no cupola on the hay barn?? Maybe it just isn't installed yet...

Jason said...

Lytha; We're thinking Army Surplus tent. To that end, we've got a donation jar set up on our website ! ;)

Every year, something goes absolutely bananas in terms of weeds and (inexplicably) in two of our fields this is the year of the buttercups. Since they aren't hurting anything except my pride I'm going to leave them a little while longer before I attempt control in an effort to get some of the summer annuals which are just starting to grow.

Laura; We're still undecided on a cupola for the hay barn. They will feature on ALL our remaining horse structures though.

RuckusButt said...

Looking good, guys! I don't blame you for wishing it was all complete. No matter how envious we all are of your space(s), it's a pain to move and set up a new place.

A few weeds won't kill anyone, least of all horses (so long as they are "good" weeds). At least the buttercups add colour!

Lol Laura, we'd be lucky to see a cupola period, or have a hay barn, let alone both!