Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happiness Is . . .

We've covered extensively in this blog that Jason is Canadian and is always hot. He thinks anything over seventy degrees is warm. If it is a dry day with bright sunshine he can walk around in forty degree weather in just a long sleeved shirt and feel comfortable. I cannot relate to this. At 70 degrees I'm walking around in a long sleeved shirt and feeling comfortable and I have no idea how anyone could comfortable wearing this at forty degrees.

Today Jason told me we needed another water trough. So we made a short trip to Tractor Supply Company and purchased a new 100 gallon water trough. As I came walking up to the barn this afternoon after feeding horses this was the scene:

Jason relaxing in a water trough???

I won't lie, the first thing that went through me head was "OMG am I really married to such a redneck? Is this my life?" I know, I'm ashamed of having the thought but I'll admit I had it. My next thought was "if a water trough is all it takes to make Jason happy I should consider myself lucky. He could have picked something a lot more expensive and high maintenance . . . like a horse."

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. It looks like Jason may be spending his hanging out in a water trough!


Lucky, Spike and O'Reilly


Apollo and Elfin


Trigger, Tony and Levendi

Ivan and Thomas

Shed in use! Lucky, Lightening, Regis, Snappy and Slinky

Murphy and Darby


Wiz, Clay and Fuzzy

Murphy and B-Rad having a grooming session

Toledo, Johnny and Tiny

Kennedy and Rampal


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hahaha.....sheer delight in that smile Jason! I would consider yourself very lucky Melissa with an easy to please husband....not viewed as a redneck in this book. Jason reminds me so much of Tony (my husband)clearly cold weather men! The only think missing is a great stogie! Fun! Glad you're enjoying the summer....we have yet to experience it....but it will be hot soon and we'll be complaining. We had storms/tornado touch downs today. Tomorrow breaking Romeo, yay. Our weather has been so awful that we've postponed his training. Can't wait for the sun and to see what he will do.....I'm sure it will be uneventful though since he's already been sacked out. Have a wonderful summer! The horses all look great!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Our dear neighbors to the north often challenge notions around here (the beach) about temperature and comfort i.e. laying out in bathing suits in the 50's... windows wide open in even colder weather... and of course frequently wearing less clothes than are necessary.

I like to call them "the fresh-makers" :)

EvenSong said...

What's not to love about that big sh#t-eatin' grin! For as hard as he works around there, I think he's entitled.
The first few photos made me think that maybe you had arranged your pastures by color...All bays! Then Trigger and Johny snuck in, and I figured it wasn't so.
What a happy herd (and herdsman)!

Laura said...

hahaha - that is great! I need one of those water tanks, since my backyard is too small for a pool!

I'm not good in the heat either - I can relate to Jason's dilemma... I think alot of Canadians are the same - the first few days in the spring where it is over 50 degrees, you see people out jogging in shorts and's just what we do! :-)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

We love Jason in the trough! That hot Southern climate is tough on a a Northern guy! We couldn't do it either! Jason is right - anything over 70 degrees is HOT. tee hee.

lytha said...

I'm like Jason, I cannot stand anything over 70 unless I'm standing still in the shade wearing shorts/tank top and the wind is blowing at least 30mph.

I get told constantly how cold I make others feel by my attire.

I just came in from working out there, it's almost 4 pm and I've been at it since 11:30, and I keep having to take breaks. I came in and made a pitcher of iced tea and drank the entire thing. Sweat is running down my back and I just cannot bear to mow another section of yard. Then I did the celsius-fahrenheit conversion and OH. That's why.

It's 86 out there in the shade, no wonder I'm having so much trouble.

I'll wait til evening to mow the rest, screw the noise ordinance.

OK I'm going upstairs to get the fan. Thankfully our house is 70 F inside.

Get me a trough!

SmartAlex said...

I think I need to get Tim one!

Jason said...

I think I've started a trend ! :)

RuckusButt said...

I love it - redneck or no redneck! I guess I fall into the category of Canadians that don't like it too hot. For me, I think it's the humidity that is especially killer.