Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Hot Spot

As you will recall we moved another group of horses to the new farm a few weeks ago. They have a new favorite hang out. Of course it isn't their lovely run in shed, the one that is 50 feet long, 16 feet deep, and has both a ridge vent and cupola. No, that isn't the new place to see and be seen.

The new hot spot is the downed tree limb. Occasionally when we have a lot of rain, as we've had in the last couple of weeks, a big, healthy tree limb gets too wet and heavy and falls down. This would be why Jason hates trees and if it were left up to him a giant bulldozer would come in and push down every tree on the place. He hates cleaning up downed tree limbs and dead trees.

Several of the horses have learned how to back their way into the limb and get a full body scratch. If they position themselves just right they can scratch their back, their belly, their rumps and their heads all at the same time. They find this to be heavenly. I see the horses grazing in the vicinity of the limb a lot, and periodically someone goes over there for a nice scratch. Often they go in pairs or groups and hang out and take turns. Sometimes a couple of horses will work their way into the limb at the same time and have a pairs session.

Some of them really have the technique down. They walk over, back in and position themselves perfectly. Despite watching some of the experts display their techniques, some of the others just don't have the moves down, at least not yet. They're definitely still practicing though!

I told Jason he can't cut up this limb yet. The horses are having way too much fun with it and he needs to let the fun continue. He hates looking at it but for now the limb is still there and the horses are enjoying the new hot spot.


Dutch having a good scratch session while Wiz watches; Murphy is still working on his scratching technique. It is the backing in part that he hasn't perfected yet!

Wiz, Sebastian, B-Rad and Darby


Rampal (and Johnny behind him)

Fonzi and George

Cuffie found a place to scratch too
Take a picture quick - the shed is in use! Murphy, Dutch and Wiz

Chili, Boo and Clay

Kennedy grazing with some friends

Silver and Johnny playing over the fence

MyLight and Silky


Anonymous said...

We have no trees in our pastures, but tell Jason that isn't always a good thing - our horses use the fences as scratching posts instead!

Jason said...


In spite of the trees, they do that here, too ! :)

Funder said...

I'm shocked that your horses don't have the taste and sensibility to appreciate the cupola! ;)

I saw a picture once of a pasture with a street-sweeper brush secured in the middle of it. The horses loved it!

jenj said...

We have one sad, mangled shrub in the middle of our pasture, because it's constantly used for scratching bellies. I love watching the contortions the boys go through to get just the right spot!