Monday, May 16, 2011

Field Trip

Jason and I took a short field trip with Norman and Winston to Tennessee Equine Hospital. Norman has a questionable spot on one of his eyelids. He had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from that lid a couple of years ago so we make sure the vet thoroughly examines his eyes when we do vaccinations. It was a small area that the vet felt could be easily frozen off. Well, it turned out freezing wasn't required. While the vet was examining the same area at the clinic today and touching it with his fingers the area actually popped off on its own. That was easy!

Norman wasn't done though. He had to have his tear ducts flushed which didn't exactly make his day. However Norman is always a gentleman and although he wasn't happy about it the ducts were flushed. While Norman was being worked on any time another staff member or vet walked by Norman got to hear repeatedly how cute he was. He already knows how cute he is but he doesn't mind hearing it over and over.

Winston was at the clinic because he has had two unexplained, heavy nose bleeds out of his right nostril recently. Other than the nose bleeds has has been 100% normal, perky and acting his usual self, even while having a nose bleed. Winston had lots of poking and prodding today. First he had video endoscopy done through both of his nasal passages. All looked good and thankfully there were no signs of guttural pouch mycosis. A thorough examination of his mouth and teeth found nothing amiss. Finally he had a couple of sinus x-rays done as well and there were no signs of a sinus infection or fluids in his sinuses. We were glad that all diagnostics failed to find any problems with Winston but on the same hand this means we still don't know why he has had nosebleeds. Horses do like to keep you guessing and on your toes.

After we were finished at the clinic Norman and Winston both walked on the trailer happily ("get me out of here") and went home. They are both happy to be back out with their friends. I am sure the conversations to explain their absences went something like this: "Oh my gosh, they put me on a trailer for the first time in years and took me to the VET! I had things shoved up my nostrils . . . "


Norman having his tear ducts flushed

Winston getting a sinus x-ray

Winston having his mouth examined

And finally Winston having video endoscopy done

Silky and Thor grazing

Tiny eating some leaves

Johnny following Tiny's lead and eating leaves too

Rocky, Toledo and Kennedy hanging out under the trees

Faune and Winston


A sea of gray horses - Asterik, George, Silver and Gus. Fonzi and Romeo are adding some bay color to the picture.

George, Gus, Asterik, Fonzi and Romeo


Lauren said...

We've had a handful of equine-nosebleeds lately, too! I even had one the other day for the first time since I moved to TN, so I figured it's just the weather patterns.

Anonymous said...

Glad Winston is OK - and that Norm - he does know he's the cutest pony ever!

Amy said...

What an adventure for the guys! I'm sure that they did have lots of stories to tell by the time they got back!

I so want to come visit you guys - every time I look at your pictures, it makes me miss my horses so much!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

What an adventure for two retired gentlemen! I love that leaf-eating photo. Rather camel-y looking! Tee hee.

Marissa said...

Glad everything went ok with the vet. That picture of the leaf-eating is hilarious!!! I laughed out loud. What a great shot.

sunbake said...

Saw a news story last night about allergies this year. Some parts of TN are rated #1 worst in nation for pollen allegies. Could be the horses are feeling the effects same as people? Glad they are both fine. Love looking at your photos of happily retired horses.