Friday, May 13, 2011

In Memory of Harmony

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Harmony, a beautiful gray thoroughbred mare who had lived with us since 2006. Harmony was 31.5 years old, and until very recently I used to joke that she was going to outlive me. Age was just a number to Harmony and she had the energy and the spunkiness of a three year old. Unfortunately things began changing quickly and it became apparent that Harmony was not going to outlive me after all.

Harmony and her BFF Lacy travelled to our farm from Canada (near Toronto) in 2006. Harmony and Lacy had lived together for a very long time, and as her owner said "they are hysterically bonded to each other." I had no idea just how hysterically bonded to each other they were until the trailer pulled up at our farm with the two of them happily riding together in a box stall. I made the mistake of putting them in adjoining stalls in the barn, and I never made that mistake again. Even though they could reach over their doors and touch noses there was a (heaven forbid) wall between them and that was NOT ok. I quickly rearranged things and put them in a stall together and peace returned to the farm.

Lacy passed away at the age of 28 in December 2007. Harmony surprised us all by never missing a beat with Lacy's passing, she simply picked another horse to become hysterically bonded with and carried on. The beauty of group living at its best.

Harmony always had to have one horse that was the light of her life and her reason for living. For the last couple of years that had been Cuff Links. As far as Harmony was concerned Cuff Links was her pony. She didn't have to be next to him at all times but she kept a close eye on him, groomed him regularly, and loved to take naps with him. It was a bad day if someone took Cuffie to the barn and forgot to bring Harmony along. That resulted in a total meltdown from Harmony that involved screaming at the top of her lungs incessantly and running the fence line in a frenzy.

To read all about Harmony's younger days and see pictures of a much younger Harmony please read this post. Harmony's mom made a comment to me, which I included in that post, that "Harmony was a lot of people's nightmare but she was and is my treasure." Harmony and her mom were together for almost 26 years, and Harmony had no idea just how fortunate she was to be someone's treasure for almost 26 years. All horses should be so lucky.

Feeding time has been very different without Harmony. When she spotted you getting the food ready Harmony would stand at the gate and start nickering at you. She would ramp up the volume from soft nickers to full blown screaming by the time you fed her. It has felt very strange and been oddly quiet to not have Harmony screaming at the top of her lungs for us to hurry up while preparing the last couple of meals.

Rest in peace Harmony, we miss you.



Harmony having a grooming session with her beloved Cuff Links three weeks ago

Harmony in January 2011

MyLight, Maisie and Harmony waiting for breakfast December 2010

Harmony and Missy November 2010

MyLight, Missy, Harmony and Cuff Links doing some early morning grazing in July 2010

I remember giving this picture the caption "apparently Harmony and Cuff Links stayed out too late last night." April 2010

Harmony enjoying a snow day in December 2008

Harmony in November 2008

Harmony on the run with Buffy and Lily in November 2009

Harmony grazing with her friends; fall 2009

Harmony with her pony Cuff Links

Harmony in a stall waiting her turn with the farrier in June 2008. Harmony hated being in the barn. Here she is looking very cute, but I remember taking the next few pictures all within about five minutes as Harmony ran through her repertoire of "let me out of here" demands.

"Maybe I can chew my way through the door . . . "

" or maybe I'll just scream . . . "

"or maybe I'll just quietly go crazy because no one is letting me out of here!!!"

Having a bath in August 2008; she didn't love bath time either

Harmony, Buffy, Lily and Cuff Links in September 2009

Harmony and her BFF Lacy in 2007

Harmony and BFF Lacy (and Bubba the goat) on their second day with us in 2006


Diamond in the ruff said...

I'm crying and I didn't even know her! It sounds like she had a great life and great relationships. I'm so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful mare.

EvenSong said...

What a lovely mare, and with such a personality! Harmony will be missed, I'm sure. So sorry for you loss, and Cathy's.

amy324 said...

What a beautiful tribute to Harmony. Rest in peace sweet girl.

raphycassens said...

sad day :(