Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another horspital visit

Poco had a horspital visit back in October and unfortunately he is back in the horspital again for the exact same symptoms, only worse this time. We took him to the clinic on Friday and he is still there. Again his breathing was extremely labored and loud and again we can't find any cause. Blood work is normal, temperature is normal, hydration levels normal, no signs of infection, heart normal, everything normal except for his extremely swollen upper respiratory tract. He is even living in a different area of the farm than he was last time.

Jason and my mom with Poco in the horspital

It must be some kind of allergic reaction but we are clueless as to what that is. He has lived here for almost ten years now and never experienced this until the last few months. His pasture is basically weed free and is full of rich grass and has been for several weeks. No other horse is exhibiting these symptoms, nor did they last time. The vets (he has three vets at Tennessee Equine Hospital monitoring his case) are wondering if it is an inhaled allergen or maybe an insect sting that is causing the problem. So please extend Poco some healing wishes and I hope he returns home soon.

In addition to taking Poco to the clinic on Friday we also had farrier day as well. We were extra busy on Friday because we also did some "spring cleaning" and Amy and I gave eight baths, including washing and conditioning tails. My shoes were water logged and making squishing noises after about the third bath!

Jason and I also had a fun visitor this weekend as our friend Erica from Minnesota and her boyfriend Chris made the long drive to see us and to enjoy some warm weather. Their efforts were rewarded with highs in the low 80's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are supposed to be 80 degrees again to today before dropping back to the low-mid 70's for the rest of the week along with some rain.

Winston, our newest resident, grazing in the sunshine

Bonnie, Lexi and O'Reilly
Dogwood tree in one of the pastures
The cows having a lazy afternoon napping by the driveway
Leo and Tony
Elfin at the water trough
Cuff Links and Homer playing over the fence
I took this picture on Thursday; by Sunday all of the trees in the background had almost completely leafed out
Ogie and Asterik


Anonymous said...

Poor Poco - perhaps he inhaled a wasp!

ZionFarm said...

So sorry to hear about Poco! I hope they find out what is causing this so they can treat him and send him back home.

Our trees have completely leafed out too almost overnight it seems. They sure do make some nice shade in the pastures.:)

~*~Amy~*~ said...

So...his liver enzymes are ok this time? must have been an insect...what else could it be? Get well soon!

Sebastian has a grass belly!!!

HorseCrazy23 said...

Poor Poco!!! hope he gets better soon! He's so cute! Send him my well wishes!!!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I will pray for Poco today, keep us posted on his progress! I'll bet it was a bee sting or something? On Friday with all my pasture duty with Slick....went out and immediately a bee stung me under my arm, weird that I had a wheezing sound in my lungs all weekend never there before so I correlated it to the bee sting....either that or I distributed our hay that day (which hubby does because I'm allergic to it)small particles got in breathed in? I noticed it after the sting first. Never been allergic to bee stings. I know they're different than humans but you never know what a little serum can do.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh yes, forgot to comment on your photos! My favorite one being the cows under the trees with the little winding lane in the background, just beautiful....and that's where I'd want to be relaxing too! All your photos are great! So glad you like the pendant! It was my favorite.

April said...

I'm a long-time reader, but I don't post often =)

I've been keeping Poco in my thoughts, I hope he feels better soon. Such a beautiful pony, he has a cheeky little face!