Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Apollo and A Gorgeous Day

Today truly made up for our last two days of yucky weather. A high right at 70 degrees, bright sunshine, and a gentle, warm breeze. Perfect! The horses were shocked when we put their blankets on them on Monday morning. They haven't worn blankets in awhile. To add insult to injury they all had their spring vaccinations Monday afternoon. I think it is safe to say that the horses were not thrilled with us humans on Monday between being blanketed and then being vaccinated. However today was a beautiful day that more than made up for the last two days, and the horses were thrilled when we pulled off their blankets this morning. Let the rolling begin!

Today was also Apollo's birthday! If you have not "met" Apollo he is wonderful horse and well-loved by his owners - and for good reason. Click here to read a previous blog post about Apollo.

As always we had a carrot cake to celebrate the occasion. Of course the other horses were interested as they heard all of the crinkly paper and the plastic popping as we took the cake out of the bag and then the container. We led him away from the gate and the other horses so Apollo could enjoy his cake without interference. Amy was holding his lead rope while I kept tapping the bucket trying to get his attention and see the cake. After all we were sure he would be thrilled once he realized he had his very own carrot cake. He wouldn't even look at it!

Apollo not even acknowledging his perfect birthday carrot cake

I then started scooting the fed pan with the cake around and trying to get his attention. Still no interest so I pulled his head down to make sure he saw the cake. He finally noticed there was something down there. He put his head down and sniffed it for about half a second.

Good thing I was quick with the camera. If I had blinked I would have missed this moment.

At this point Jason decided to take charge. Amy continued to hold the lead rope, I was still ready with the camera, and Jason picked up the cake to hold it up to Apollo.

This was the result

Needless to say Amy, Jason and I enjoyed some nice carrot cake. We decided that a half second sniff hadn't ruined it! It was sitting on a plastic tray in the bucket as well. Apollo - the cream cheese icing was deeeeeelicious - your loss!

We were commenting today on how relaxed and "zen like" the horses were today. I think the weather was just so perfect, they had their blankets removed, and the setting was perfect. We saw lots of mutual grooming and happy horses.

Tony on the left and Leo on the right grooming each other. They are both Dutch Warmbloods and look so much alike - the same shade of chestnut and lots of chrome!

Video of Tony and Leo grooming each other.

Homer (Irish Thoroughbred) in the front and Levendi (Oldenburg) in the back grooming each other. Homer and Levendi were both "A" circuit hunters prior to retirement.

Video of Homer and Levendi grooming each other


Anonymous said...

Only people like us could think that videos of horses grooming are wonderful! It's great that you're getting nice weather - send some of it our way!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

What a cute if I had my horse retired at your place, I'd feel so blessed that he gets so much attention.....especially on his birthday! Carrot cake! Yum! I'm going back to read Apollo's story! Have a warm day.....we still have cold!

ZionFarm said...

Happy Birthday Apollo!:)

Ambi said...

Happy birthday Apollo!

The looks on his and Jason's faces in that picture are priceless!

Vivian, Apollo's Mom said...

Thank you all for celebrating Apollo's birthday. I wish I could have been with him, especially since carropt cake is my favorite. Sorry he didn't like the carrot cake. Pete tried to give him a donut once and he made the same face. I hope your wonderful weather continues!

GoLightly said...


Well, speaking as a person whose nose was horse like, I would say Apollo laughed at the idea of eating creamed cheese.

What beautiful happy horses!
How lucky they are!
But jeesh, hold the icing:):)

Wish there were many more people who could retire their horses:(