Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Arena Info

Thank you everyone for the compliments on my arena. Yes, I fully realize I am one spoiled gal when it comes to my arena. The arena is 100' x 225' with all weather footing, six stadium lights, an electrical outlet on each light pole and water on both long sides of the arena. With the exception of a few days in the winter I can ride in it year round as the ground doesn't freeze here in the winters (except for the mentioned few days).

As far as the footing I don't remember exactly how the whole thing was built. There is a big french drain under the arena. A lot of ground work was done to prepare for the actual footing. The ground itself was laser leveled and then watered and compacted over and over for a couple of days. Then a big piece of geotextile fabric was put down and the layers of screenings were added. I know there is bigger rock (but still not big) on the very bottom layer that was again watered and rolled/compacted repeatedly. Then several inches of quarter down were added, with each new layer being watered and compacted/rolled repeatedly as well as being laser leveled, and then finally a layer of sand was added on top. I have nine pairs of jump standards and accompanying poles.

The catch with this lovely and very well-built arena is the footing does need to be worked regularly or the sand can get a bit packed down. As long as it is drug on a regular basis this is not a problem. Which is why I finally purchased the DR Power Grader. After years of dragging the arena being a huge pain it is now quick and easy!

This picture was taken in May a couple of years ago

Now that I've bragged about my arena for three paragraphs I guess I can move on to another topic! Below is another version of a "day in pictures." All of these pictures were taken on Wednesday.

Jo and Mina, world's cutest fainting goats
Mina playing on the ramps
Playing with the Winnie the Pooh ball
Missy down for a nap while Harmony grazes nearby
The one Canada Goose is still hanging around
Dustin in the front and Baby behind him
Horses on the move; Homer in the back and Apollo and Levendi up front
Sparky coming to see me
Hi Sparky


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous - a nice, big arena that was properly constructed, with proper drainage! And lovely jumps, too! Enjoy!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Beautiful arena! I will have to show hubby how this is constructed, it's a big debate around here with all the neighbors what makes a good one.....thanks for sharing your information....maybe someday I'll have one. O.K. we're even now Melissa, you make me not like you now because of that gorgeous arena!!! LOL! Of course I'm happy that someone gets to ride whenever they want and don't have to be dependent on hubby to do the work first when he has the time! Enjoy!

The goats are so cute! I regret not stopping long enough today to take a photo of a little Jenny and and poodle in the neighbor's yard. The Jenny was just looking at the small white poodle just all spread out looking right into her eyes! It was so adorable! Nose to nose and they seemed to be conspiring about something. Your photos are wonderful as usual!

Sport's Mom said...

Still gaga-eyed over Traveller!

HorseCrazy23 said...

omg! still wish that arena was mine!

ezra_pandora said...

Now, tell me again....WHY do you want to move??? lol

~*~Amy~*~ said...

I drool over your arena every time I am over at your place. You have prob one of the nicest arenas in the area! Yes....I am finally catching up on your blog....trying to. It's been a few weeks. I'm behind on mine as well!