Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Faune!

Today we had another birthday on the farm. It was Faune's birthday and of course we celebrated. I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse for your birthday to fall on tax day! At least it is an easy date to remember. You can see a picture of Faune flying high in his former life in this post (and just think, Faune was a hunter and only did the jumpers as a side job!). You can also learn a bit more about Faune in this post as well.

Faune has a sweet tooth as big as mine so he did indulge in some cake today. His "roommates" watched over the fence as Faune celebrated his day. The dogs were also very active participants and devoured every bit of Faune's cake with the exception of the one piece that Faune ate. Of course Amy and I took our requisite swipes of icing before we let the partiers have at it!

Other than Faune's birthday it was just a typical day on the farm. We did lots of the usual exciting things like feeding, cleaning stalls, scrubbing water troughs and grooming horses. The weather wasn't the best today. The high was only sixty degrees and I think it finally made it there for about ten minutes this afternoon. It was one of those days where if I was moving around it was too warm when I had my coat on yet I wasn't warm enough without it. Jason keeps bothering me about going to buy a spring jacket . . . maybe he is on to something with that.

Amy (I manged to behead her in this picture) and Faune
Amy giving Faune some icing
I can't remember if Faune or the dogs were responsible for this initial damage
Bella enjoying Faune's birthday
Bugle eating some cake
Bear says "this is SO GOOD, when is my birthday mom??"Offering Faune some more cake
Mmmmmm, that was so good (note the icing on his lips)!
Bella, Bush, Trooper and Bugle licking up every last crumb of cake they can find
All of the partying wore out Henry and Trillion; they needed to rest and recover (with Asterik standing watch)
Sebastian and Ogie recovering from the festivities
Jo playing on the teeter totter that Jason built for the goats; Mina is still unsure if she thinks this contraption if fun or not. Mina really didn't know what to think when she was behind Jo and then Jo ran to the other end and lifted Mina up. I don't think she's been on it since but Jo loves it! Jo having fun


Anonymous said...

Faune looks very pleased with himself, and the dogs are all doing what dogs do best - cleaning things up!

ZionFarm said...

Happy Birthday Faune!His markings remind me so much of Hoffy. He looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his carrot cake.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Faune!!! looks like he loved his cake! lol!

Amy Bennett said...

OMG.....Faune looks so cute in these pictures! He deserves to celebrate this year in style!