Thursday, April 2, 2009


These pictures were all taken in mid to late December. Enjoy these scenes from around the farm and everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Traveller, Poco and Sparky
Enjoying each other's company - peacefully grazing
Ogie on Christmas morning
early Christmas morning sky
Henry and Trillion
Trooper the 3-legged wonder and Jason
Hanging out; Trooper and Bush (with a big yawn)
Sebastian and Asterik were being playful
Trillion, Henry and Asterik
Dustin was full of himself
too bad I caught the buck on the downswing
Bella on the hay bale
Missy, Harmony and Buffy
Levendi and Tony
Teddy and Harmony


Sully said...

Trooper and Jason holding hands! That is so sweet. Of course Jason looks like he is saying take the picture I am cold.

Anonymous said...

As always, your pictures are wonderful - it's great to see all the horses just doing horse things.

Blue Eyed Tango said...

It's your turn to choose your pendant! #6 is the only one taken.
Love all your photos....your farm looks so peaceful for all the retirees. Lu

ezra_pandora said...

aww. I like the one of Jason and Trooper too. Cute :) And how unfair is it that you have green grass on Christmas!?!?! lol

Jason said...


It's pretty unfair !! But for the first 34 years of my life, I never saw grass of ANY colour at Christmas time, so I'm thinking it's time to make up for it !! LOL !!