Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Chipper

I had a little friend following me around in the front barn today. I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye as I carried out my various tasks, and finally I turned around and realized I had a baby chipmunk following me around. He followed me from stall to stall as I cleaned them. He followed me up and down the barn aisle as I swept. He followed me into the office.  My little shadow even followed me out to one of the pastures. 

Chipper and I were just walking back into the barn when Jason came walking up. I told him I had a baby chipmunk following me around, and pointed at my buddy. I explained this to Jason with a lot of enthusiasm, trying to convey to Jason that was a unique and special event. Jason, with hardly a glance at little Chipper, said "they do that sometimes" in a very unimpressed voice. So I tried again, "but he's following me around everywhere." In a rather bored voice Jason said "that's nice" as he walked off in search of something entirely unrelated to me and little Chipper.  

I was getting really annoyed at this point and I said to Jason "why do you have to be so heartless?"  He got really offended by this question and let me know that he, in fact, was not heartless. He then walked toward little Chipper and that was the end of that. Little Chipper did not like Jason walking towards him and he took off.  I never saw him again. I hope he found his mom. Sniffle. 

my little buddy


Donneur and Lofty having an early morning grooming session

Dutch and Renny waiting for breakfast

Hemi, Levendi, Leo and Tony with Thomas hiding behind the tree

Sebastian and Johnny

Rocky and Bergie

Gus and Asterik grooming


Dutch having a good roll with the requisite shake afterwards

Thor and Lucky


Jenny said...

Chipper was afraid he'd get the frog's fait, all tossed about!

lytha said...

jason, maybe you can tell us more about how "that happens sometimes" because in my universe, it doesn't/hasn't. i've been followed by bees and horseflies though, i can talk about that if you want.

please tell us your story: )